We are thrilled to announce that we are joining the wonderful team at Niantic! We're really looking forward to integrating our work on mapping and computer vision technology into Niantic's amazing content and AR platform. The long term vision is to help to bring shared and persistent AR experiences to millions of people around the world, and further realize AR's impact going forward. Ultimately, we share Niantic's goal of enriching people’s experiences by blending the physical and the digital worlds.

Escher Reality has been fortunate to work with some of the top AR studios as part of our beta, and we are grateful for their feedback. We thank the thousands of developers who signed up for our waiting list—such overwhelming response is the dream of any start-up.

Our path has only just begun, but we would not have gotten this far without our strong and experienced team who have tackled some of the hardest problems in AR in stride. We are thankful for the support of our investors at Uncork Capital, Founders Fund, Y Combinator, Liquid 2 Ventures, Webb Investment Network, iRobot Ventures, Presence Capital, Into Ventures, and our angel investors. We started as an idea in the MIT Sandbox two years ago and grew with the invaluable support from MassChallenge, Autodesk BUILD, and MassDigi—each being pivotal to our early success.

We are excited to develop the next wave of spatial computing in Augmented Reality at Niantic. Bringing technology we developed at Escher to the core of Niantic’s AR Platform, we can enable the next generation of experiences together and realize our collective vision sooner and better.

Ross Finman, CEO & Diana Hu, CTO

P.S. If you want to join us in tackling some of the most difficult software problems in AR, please reach us at ar@nianticlabs.com

The most advanced Augmented Reality API.

Build digital experiences in the real world that are shared and persistent.


Synchronize multiple devices with our custom computer vision networking protocols. This breakthrough technology connects users together for both shared and collaborative AR experiences in real time!


Store digital objects in the real world and have them persist across time and app sessions. Our technology remembers the precise position of every AR object in a room so experiences extend beyond just one use.

Cross Platform

Run AR sessions across both Android and iOS devices. We enable a full end-to-end system which integrates with current developer frameworks.

Markerless technology

Our technology uses the latest advances in computer vision and 3-D mapping for an entirely markerless AR experience. Our advanced API connects any mobile device to the cloud for easy shared and persistent experiences.